The new outlook of Social Media Domains

The new outlook of Social Media Domains

Social media is a trending topic that is buzzing all around us. It has now become a new fad to post anything and everything that we do on one or all social media handles.

It is asserted that if something is not there on social media, it very well did not occur.

This “it” may be people, activities, events, etc. With each passing day, each of these social media handles strives to improve themselves to prove themselves better than their competitors and be exceptional in the eyes of their customers. Look at their latest updates

What’s up on Whatsapp

This messaging giant has come a long way since its inception, and its latest features are something to look out for

● In-app youtube support and streaming within the app itself.

● Share live locations directly from the app without switching to google maps

● Use Snapchat-like status features along with statuses having colored backgrounds

● Better Photo Filters and effects for you to work with

● Now switch to Night camera mode to capture nighttime backgrounds

● Keep an eye on your favorite conversations by pinning them

● Edit sent messages

● Style your own GIFs

The new face of Facebook

Facebook, for a long, has been the enlightening path for this new era of social media. These features definitely prove so

● New AR-enabled Platform: If you’re a developer then you can use the Augmented Reality platform on Facebook

● New Sound Collection: Access high-quality soundtracks using the new sound collection feature available in the Facebook creator app launched for broadcasting personalized or original videos

● Facebook Community Boost 2018: a specialized program that helps you in achieving your goals

● Create Polls: You can now create polls and enable voting for any desired question or event

● Online Food Ordering: Order food online using Facebook directly

● Check for news Authenticity by viewing the news sources

● Follow your favorite news pages and channels using this new feature of Facebook

● Share your tab happenings with the world

● Share and transfer cash using Paypal

● Insta this instant: Instagram- the oh-so-famous social media handle that’s a venture of Facebook is in the headlines for all the right reasons

● Hashtags vs Pages: Now follow hashtags instead of pages

● Copyright your copy: Copyright your content and prevent plagiarism by enabling the Rights Manager feature of Instagram

● View ‘Recommended Posts’ on the basis of your search history and the people you follow

Hike of Hike

The messaging app Hike giving extensive competition to Whatsapp has included features like

Use the Internet without Internet using Hike Total and avail services like recharge, messaging, news, horoscope, Wallet, and rail information offline.

Hike Wallet provides digital payments

Also avail features like Multiple Likes, Magic selfie, text-to-stickers, etc.

The recruitment-oriented Social media handle, Linkedin has introduced features like native video replies, smart video replies, etc. All the above features provide an improved user experience and make the whole digital interaction and communication an exciting ride. So, go ahead, use these new features, and experience for yourself why social media is an addiction.

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