Real Story or Reel Story

Real Story or Reel Story

The terms reel and real might sound similar yet hold distinct meanings. In simple words, real means valid or actual and holds the feature of existence. 'Real' is an adjective, whereas ‘Reel' is a term that can be used as a noun or verb. Moreover, reel life is usually utilized for illustrating a world you see in fantasy movies and films.

Reel Life vs. Real life

Let's go through the differences between a real story and a reel story:

● People change and adjust in real life, work hard, and wait for future results, whereas overnight and quick riches are only feasible in real life.

● Situations change swiftly in reel stories, while that's not the case in real-life situations.

● A real story is way different from reel life. In real life, you've to face harsh realities and thrilling adventures in person, whereas reel life is more like any fairy tale.

Why do people consider Real Life stories to be full of adventures?

While a reel story often appears exciting and alluring, little do you realize that real life is more about adventures. Everyone loves watching shows and movies full of adventures as they lead you on an expedition where you meet different feelings and emotions. Generally, that journey finishes on a good note.

Nevertheless, when you realize the differences between a reel and a real-life story, you'll understand that the real-life bad is more of adventures, experiences, and thrills than the reel life.

A warning signal of excessive reel life

Here are some warning signs that you're too much indulged in reel life:

● Excessive money is spent purchasing the same items and products you see in reel stories.

● Setting unrealistic expectations and goals for you.

● Social media addiction and following a celebrity or influencer exceeding on different social media platforms.

Final Words

The reel story isn't accurate; you've understood this clearly. It can be effortless for you to jump into a fictional and virtual world to avoid the harsh truth of real life. Yet little do people know that excessive indulgence in the reel life won’t help. Reel and Real are absolutely different perspectives of life. Think and build your own Life and Vision.

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