Push & Pull Marketing

Push & Pull Marketing

Push Marketing is a promotional strategy in which businesses try to take their product to the customer through active promotion such as billboards, advertising, and cold calling with the hope that they may participate in purchasing products or services. In digital marketing, push marketing is enacted by means of cold emailing, display advertising, and again placing the product or service before the customer in the hope to increase brand awareness that will ultimately build sales.

These tactics are especially beneficial for new businesses which are not well established and brands that are trying to build brand image and market share.

● Push marketing activities within digital marketing

● Display advertising, use of text and logos to attract potential customers.

● In cold emails, a company will send out an email to people with a perceived interest in their product, just to increase brand recognition.

Pull Marketing depends much on the alternative, where customer actively searches for a brand for the product or service that they are already aware of. When it comes to marketing, through intensive advertising, the goal is to ascertain a brand that becomes inherently related to customer satisfaction, as products provide value for the final user. Therefore, what’s required from a digital marketing perspective is that customers are likely to be influenced by effective SEO, PPC strategies, blogs, content marketing, and social media campaigns and so arrived at the business of their particular volition. Overall, pull marketing depends on the generation of brand loyalty and therefore growing rates of repeat custom.

Pull marketing includes the following activities:

● Search Engine Optimisation, whereby businesses put efforts to promote their website as high as possible on the organic results of search engine findings.

● Pay Per Click, whereby a business probably pays the publisher for every single click on their website. This kind of pull marketing is conducted to be able to attract the most appropriate visitors to your websites, therefore boosting the conversion rate.

● Social media involves promoting your brand to potential customer via social sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Push VS Pull

Perhaps you have wondered why Apple sells an incredible number of its new products just on the initial day of its release… Why do many people wait earnestly for months, weeks, and days to get a new product from a particular company; it's another way around for many companies. Their target customers don't know much or anything about their products or new products. Even with all the current marketing promotions and advertisements engaged by these companies, they still believe it is hard to penetrate the marketplace successfully. The answers to the difference between these companies can just be within two words; Push or Pull. Companies that find it too difficult to penetrate the market easily and successfully are utilizing the push marketing strategy; while the ones with dedicated loyal customers have found the strategy of pull marketing.

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