New Age of Customer Engagement

New Age of Customer Engagement

We are living in the age of customer engagement where the customer has more power than ever before. The experience that they have is one of the greatest predictors of business success. We all have always believed in the ‘customer is always right mantra, but the recent advent of customer engagement techniques has taken this belief to a new horizon.

There is a notable change in the ways that businesses target their customers. Instead of focusing on the touch points during the marketing and sales process, marketers are using social technologies to build good relationships with their customers. And this relationship is much more meaningful and involves frequent online interactions through various social channels. This technique does pay off. It brings heavy engagement, turning customers into ‘loyal customers. Studies say, customers, who engage with a brand online, spend around 20%-40% more on that brand or product.

Loyal relationships with customers are not built overnight. In order to build such relationships, you need to understand the basic principles and put them into action.

Customer Engagement is never one-way

You need to initiate the conversation by means of a message which you send out on various platforms. It’s not just about answering queries and complaints. It is about driving a conversation and making more and more opinions join in. It is about building a community on social media around your product.

Customer Engagement should be result-driven

No matter how interestingly you have managed to drive a conversation, it is counted as a fruitful one only when the desired result is achieved. When you engage your customers, have a goal in mind, whether it's improving your product or nurturing loyalty and increasing sales.

Customer Engagement should be on daily basis.

Irrespective of your season time, you should keep in touch with your customers in the context of their daily lives. This keeps you in the forefront of their minds and when the time comes, they always choose your product for the trust that you’ve built so far.

Customer Engagement should be mutually beneficial

You should develop a friendship with your customer instead of conveying your message in the form of a business strategy, campaign, or contest. The relationship which you make is a two-way street. You should listen to the queries and complaints of your customer and resolve them in the best way possible, which ensures the customer gets what he wants.

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