How To Get Involved with Your Social Media Followers quickly and authentically?

How To Get Involved with Your Social Media Followers quickly and authentically?

When you post something on social media and you get a number of comments, you feel awesome as your followers are commenting on the post means they find it interesting so to maintain this connection you should reciprocate to them also. But at the same time, engaging with your followers can be time-consuming. If you are a solo social media manager or a small business owner, you know you don’t have the whole day to engage with your followers. So to minimize the time to engage with your followers and stay authentic at the same time?

In this post, we’ll share the tactics and tools we use to engage with our amazing social media followers quickly and authentically.

5 creative types of replies you can use

1 If you start replying to comments and mentions with a thank you, that is really nice way of responding individually. But it can be easy to fall into the habit of using a few standard replies. There are many ways to make your replies more interesting, showcase your brand’s personality, and make your followers happy. Here are a few examples:

Instead of a simple “Thank you”, I would like to engage with the person further and continue the discussion. A great method is to ask for her or his opinions on the topic.

For example, if someone has commented on your social media post that links to a blog post, you may ask the following questions:

● Which is your favorite part of the blog post?

● What’s your main takeaway from the blog post?

● Do you agree with the idea mentioned in the blog post?

● Have you tried any of the tips in the blog post before? If yes, how was it?

If they reply to your questions, that’s awesome! You can continue the conversation and build a good relationship with them.

2 Emoji

The easiest way to make your replies a little more fun and interesting is to include emojis. As of now emojis have become an important part of the social media language, most people are regularly seeing and using emojis in their social media posts and comments. It is also an efficient way to convey your tone and emotions in your replies. In spite of talking face-to-face or on the phone, which is not easy for your followers to get through the emotions in a text reply. But with a happy emoji, your followers would know instantly that you’re smiling while replying.

3 Images

Nowadays, people usually want to express their feelings via images. As you see on social media channels people keep on tagging their friends. But on Twitter, you have to draft your post in 140 characters so people usually prefer posting images with @ tag.

We found that images are generally best for answering support questions where we have to show or point to something.

Tools like CloudApp, Nimbus, and Droplr allow you to add annotations to your images, making your explanation clearer.

4 GIFs

The usage of GIFs is a new hit in the social media world and it has now become one of the favorite ways of thanking people who shared our content, gave us a shout-out, and more.

With the new GIF button on Twitter and Facebook, you can easily find and add a GIF to your replies. So start taking benefit of this interesting feature and gain more and more followers.

5 Videos

Posting videos on social media channels is a great way of spreading your message, so the visual mode is the easiest way of communicating what you want to express or do. People living on this planet are very time savvy so they prefer visual things over long written paragraphs so it is regarded as a better engagement option. So keep posting videos on your social media channels as it will engage people and will help you in increasing your followers.

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