How Online Reviews Help Your Business?

How Online Reviews Help Your Business?

Most people pray that they don’t get any negative reviews online and fail to realize that those reviews will actually help them strengthen their roots in business. Good reviews are great motivators but bad reviews are teachers in disguise.

Not only this, a review from another customer helps your potential customers to gain trust in your company and sometimes know more about your product or company.

Many celebrated review websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp have huge informational databases and have been in the game for a long time. Sites like these get additional favor from Google and are ranked above all the other sides of the same motive and nature.

This is why more and more small-time companies have a hard time getting their desired rankings, even on Facebook.

The reviews also help rank your site at the top or among the top sites. For example, if a review for your company says ‘Nice place to buy laptops in Lajpat Nagar’, Google will pick up the keyword ‘Place to buy laptops in Lajpat Nagar’ and help you gain better rankings in listings or in search results.

● Buyer Decision-Making

Online databases and review websites have developed into a platform so widespread that it wholes data of a wide range from numerous sources. Such bulk information makes these sites credible to the customers and has more impact on people’s minds than professional critics. To be more accurate, 72% of consumers trust reviews from fellow buyers more than critics! This is a number too huge to ignore.

Most potential buyers look at the stars you’ve got in your ratings, along with that, the eye for a number of reviews and typical business info. The next step is to look at individual reviews for a better understanding of the product and business and to know every plus point and negative point from a customer’s perspective.

● The Influence of Online Reviews

Most people only have a slight idea of how reviews have an impact on the business, but they don’t know the whole importance of it. If your rating is 3.24 stars, it will round up to 3 stars. But, if your rating is 3.26 stars, the rating will be 3.5 stars as a result of the round-up. That minor difference can cause your sales to shoot up by 18-20% or sink down 10-20% and the star rating is increased only when you reply to your customer’s reviews and leave them satisfied and less pissed if they are angry at your service.

Try to get as many reviews as possible as it also publicizes your brand or company and never forget to reply to all of them.

● Don’t Let Reviews Scare You

Obviously, no one is perfect. There will always be negative comments and reviews as you can’t please everyone. You have to remind yourself that it’s okay if some people don’t like you or your business. Most of all, having some bad reviews make you look legitimate and not like a company that has purchased bots for a 5-star ranking.

Don’t let these negative reviews break your swear, instead try to solve their problem and ask them about what have they experienced when in a relationship with your company. The reviews will turn into good ones in no time.

Most of the time, these reviews are from your rivals or people who don’t want to see your business rise. The best thing to do in this case is to show your class and treat them as if they are a real customer. It may not solve their hate for your business but it will surely improve your star rankings as you have replied to all of the reviews you have gotten.

Follow the above techniques to extract the best out of reviews and turn them into revenues. Everything that happens around your business can be turned into profit, bet there were many people who didn’t know that reviews can help you gain more publicity and customers before reading this space.

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