Future of Digital Marketing

Future of Digital Marketing

The growing population of tech-savvy users has expanded to more than 450 million internet users in India, business can’t afford to ignore their presence on digital media. The scope of digital marketing in India and the future is looking bright.

Digital is now appearing in all marketing strategies. According to a report by Social Beat, 86% of brands are using digital media. They prefer online marketing because you can get to know where your amount is spent and the exact figures in terms of traffic and conversions.

On average, 60% of marketers' time is spent on digital marketing activities, and 70% Of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets. There are many opportunities to tackle, like customer experience, personalization, mobile engagement, email marketing, and SEO.

There are more than 1.5 lakh jobs being created in India due to digital marketing.

The top focused area that is more in demand :

● Social Media Marketing

● Search Engine Optimization

● Content Marketing via blogs

● Email Marketing

● Landing Page Optimization

● Search Engine Marketing

Each of the above comes with its purpose. The actual job of a digital marketer would be to create a marketing strategy for the company’s products or services. Using social media, SEO, content marketing, paid ads, email marketing, and analyzing the results.

1 Social Media Marketing

There are two aspects of social media marketing, one is to spread own content organically on social media platforms and the other is to run paid campaigns. Now your role would be to choose the most effective platforms and provide the right content for the specific targeted audience for paid campaigns.

2 Search Engine Optimization

SEO job is to help the company rank for keywords that customer generally searches on search engines. This includes keyword research using tools, getting a higher rank, and getting more traffic on the site.

3 Content Marketing

Content marketing is an initiative to drive traffic, more engagement, leads, and customer retention and it is accountable to deliver an effective content marketing strategy to meet business objectives at the lowest cost. You need to create the content that your audience is looking for, it also needs basic SEO understanding, content categorization, and content development.

4 Email Marketing

As a digital marketer, you’ll have to manage email campaigns, and ads, make content for emails, etc. You should know email automation tools and track these emails. Marketers needed to establish a range of automated marketing campaigns based on several criteria. Make a report for all campaigns and do changes needed to achieve company goals.

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