Give yourself & others a gift of transformation.
Here’s a sneak peek at my Journey!

A Dreamer,
Passionate Marketer,
Writer and a Brand Creator

…is what I’m all about!

Digital Enthusiast with a diversified market experience having a powerful command over content management, defines me.

Consumer Driven marketing expert with over 10+ years of experience creating integrated, multi- channel marketing and customer experience strategies to elevate brand awareness, increase engagement, and deliver exponential conversion and sales uplift while improving customer satisfaction. Have handled B2B and B2C clientele.

As a founder of Digifish3 and a Director of Arshiya Infosolutions, my expertise is in formulating and implementing marketing and product strategies.

Developing new business opportunities with team-building communication and relationship management also is my forte.

My domain expertise is Digital Marketing, Advertising, Content Management, Communications, User Acquisition, Product Ideation, Product Development, Campaign Management, and Product Tech Solutions.

There is still a lot to learn, but post a decade of being a part of the industry, I have a message for all budding female entrepreneurs to indefatigably believe in their power to create their unique experiences. Moreover, I urge them to build a conducive business environment for the growth & proliferation of all entrepreneurs.

The Journey for me has just begun, as digital is growing and a unique branding and marketing mix is the need of the hour. Let’s connect and make businesses grow.